Trophy Glutes The Challenge

Trophy Glutes The Challenge

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A limited and remastered edition of my top selling 8 week glute guide as a challenge to complete for summer/into fall! Current cash prize pool: $500

If you signed up after 8/15 at the sale price, please note that you are not eligible for any prizes and no coaching / help from Shae is included. Everything else you will still get access to. 

This challenge provides you with 8 weeks of workouts (4 workouts per week). This is a gym based challenge and requires the ability to do barbell hip thrusts as well as other compound lifts and machine accessories.

You will learn how to train and eat in a way that is sustainable and optimizes glute growth as well as recovery.

Hard work, progressive overload, and pushing yourself will be required to see results, just like all of my programs and challenges BUT this challenge is open to everyone even beginners. 

A support community will be provided along with the challenge, weekly pop up prizes, and mindset and nutrition guidance/fundamentals that helped me transform my life and my physique!