Snatched and Thicc Challenge

Snatched and Thicc Challenge

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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING! This challenge is for women looking to achieve a small waist and strong developed legs and glutes!

What You Will Receive

  1. Immediately you will get an email after your order is placed. Click "View Order" to download your attatchment which contains all of the information you need about this program and how to access it. 
  2. At home AND gym versions are included.
  3. This program will be 6 weeks long and you will be provided with 6 workouts per week. The at home workouts will require a pair of dumbbells.
  4. This is a full body program (lower and upper body) which focuses on progressive overload, gaining lean muscle mass, losing fat, mastering form and technique, and training in a way that is sustainable and that will allow you to progress long term. 
  5. You will get video demonstration so you know how to perfom each exercise!
  6. Access to a separate email to contact me.
  7. In-depth sections on macros, fat loss, gaining muscle, nutrition, supplements, recovery, warm ups, sleep, water intake and more will be included with linked studies.
  8. In-depth sections on motivation, mental health, self belief, goal setting, and more will be included.
  9. Optional Access to subscribe to the Shaesthetics Community Forum!
  10. You will learn how to effectively gain muscle and lose body fat! This program is designed for the women looking to achieve a small waist and a strong muscular lower body! 
  11. This program is for beginners and advanced lifters who are ready to achieve their mental and physical goals.
  12. This program will be yours to keep forever and do as many times as you’d like!
  13. You will be provided with an example grocery list (non vegan and vegan will be provided).
  14. You will learn how to eat and train in a way that will benefit you forever!

     *Please Note

      This program is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health issue. All contents in this program are not intended to replace the advice of any physician. With the purchase of this program, you are agreeing that you are fully responsible for your own actions in and outside of the gym. This program is based off of what has worked best for me and what I have learned through experience. I am not a certified personal trainer or a registered dietitian. This program was designed for me and my goals, but I am making it available for those who want to train similarly to/with me. There will be a closed Facebook group available to girls that enter the challenge. With that being said there will only be positivity and kindness allowed! If I see anyone displaying any negativity and/or bullying, I have the right to remove that person from the Facebook group and from the challenge without providing a refund. Please train/eat responsibly but have fun! 
    Let’s crush our goals together!