Shaesthetics Challenge Phase 2

Shaesthetics Challenge Phase 2

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What You Will Receive 

 *LIMITED TIME OFFER! Bringing back my first ever challenges as requested!

*This Challenge is in progress but you can still sign up and get all of the benefits listed below! The only thing you will not recieve is entry to win the cash prizes.

*Coaching is not included.

  1. Immediately you will get an email after your order is placed. Click "View Order" to download your attatchment with the information you need to access everything for this challenge!
  2. Phase 2 of the Shaesthetics Challenge with 8 weeks of optimal training! 6 days of training a week.
  3. My style of training which focuses on overall muscle development/gaining lean body mass with extra emphasis on leg/glute growth as well as gaining strength progressively
  4. Guidance for developing a strong mindset and confidence with tips on nutrition, tracking macros, meal examples, and guidance on supplements!
  5. Private access to an area of my website where I will post full program, full workouts/demonstrational videos daily, and more! 
  6. Private Facebook support group!

How The Phases Work

  The Shaesthetics Challenge will be a total of 24 weeks of training split into 3 different phases!

  Each phase will be 8 weeks long. For the first 3 weeks of each phase we will be training hard, and then on the 4th week we will be doing a deload week. During the deload week, we will still be training, but not nearly as intense. The deload week will give us time to focus on form and recovery! After that we will have the remaining 3 weeks in which we will be back to intense training, and the last week will be a deload week to finish!

  Once all 8 weeks are completed we will take a few weeks off to give our bodies time to rest as much as possible and then get ready to start back up again for phase 2, and so on.

  This is style of training has worked well for me and doing this will set you up to succeed long term and  is a style of training that you can stick to without getting burnt out super fast. 

     Please Note

      This program is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health issue. All contents in this program are not intended to replace the advice of any physician. With the purchase of this program, you are agreeing that you are fully responsible for your own actions in and outside of the gym. This program is based off of what has worked best for me and what I have learned through experience. I am not a certified personal trainer or a registered dietition. This program was designed for me and my goals, but I am making it available for those who want to train similarly to/with me. There will be a closed Facebook group available to girls that enter the challenge. With that being said there will only be positivity and kindness allowed! If I see anyone displaying any negativity and/or bullying, I have the right to remove that person from the Facebook group and from the challenge without providing a refund. Please train/eat responsibly but have fun! 
    Let’s crush our goals together!