Mind Over Matter Challenge

Mind Over Matter Challenge

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Group 1 Start Date: 8/28/2023

Group 2 Start Date: 9/18/2023

The mind over matter challenge overview

This challenge was created by Shae to help women overcome mental blocks and obstacles, realize their worth and capabilities, and show them that they’re more capable than they realize.

We will be focusing on reaching our fullest potential mentally and physically through our workouts, mindset courses, weekly zoom calls, and stepping out of our comfort zones together!

You will be provided with 

✅ a gym and a home version of the program with 5-6 workouts per week for each

✅ a mindset course (printable) to optimize your goals and help you overcome mental blocks

✅ Weekly group zoom calls and a group discord chat

✅ NEW and updated demonstration videos

✅ A full workout live with Shae each week

✅ Weekly prizes and and a cash prize for 1 winner (for each group)

✅ Nutrition tips weekly through zoom 

and MORE

Let’s crush this challenge together!