ALG Phase 2 (8 week program for building muscle and losing fat)

ALG Phase 2 (8 week program for building muscle and losing fat)

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The ALG phase 2 program

What’s Included?

•8 weeks of workouts

•6 workouts per week are provided with BOTH a gym and an at home version

•Recipes, Grocery Lists, & Meal Examples.

•How to track and calculate macros 

•Mindset and Nutrition Guidance 

•Informative and helpful tips for gaining muscle and fat loss without fad diets. You will learn how to eat and train in a way that is sustainable and healthy long term.

•Progressive overload style of training.

•This is a full body program with extra emphasis on building legs and glutes and achieving a small waist through nutrition and training.

•A weekly journal entry log to track your progress, lifts, ask questions, and express how you’re doing and feeling!

•So much more!

Who is this for?

Any girl who is looking to gain muscle, lose fat, or both! Someone who has always wanted to build an hourglass physique and build their curves through hard work and consistency! All fitness levels are welcome! I will be sharing all of the Information and advice that has helped me over the years to gain muscle, lose fat after having my baby, and build the body of my dreams!

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