Shaesthetics Challenge Phase 2 (2nd Place)

Shirley's 8 Week Transformation! Scroll down to read her testimonial.
Ahhh I still can’t even wrap my head around how much this challenge has changed me. I’m sitting on 149lbs , when I started I wanted to drop weight! I remember asking if loosing 2 lbs was a little bit in that time , i was so frustrated and worried about the scale & now I’m not even worried about the number more so than my progress. I’m at 35.6% bf and the fact I was able to drop in fat% is what makes me so happy!! I’ve felt like I was trapped in my body for so long and pushing myself daily was something I was determined to do & looking back I can honestly say the scale and loosing inches was what I was so focused on but now I’m so proud of who I’ve become! I love pushing  my body to see where it goes . Now my goal is to become stronger . I love my mom bod , my curves, my flaws and all ! I can honestly say i feel so confident simply because I believe in myself & believe in what I am capable of. Thank you Shae for believing In me, & providing me with the tools to achieve what I have achieved thus far! You’ve been genuine & cared about my progress along the way & I appreciate that! Thank you once again! I was also able to remake the pose & lost the pooooch ! 🙌🏼Hahaha