Shaesthetics Challenge Phase 1 Winner

"My fitness journey has been ridiculously hard. I've been at the best point in fitness and then I had to have surgery, then injury, etc. I've had many ups and downs but never forgotten my goals and my love for fitness. When I started to follow Shae I felt like I finally found a girl that had similar views as I did when it came to fitness. It's a lifestyle with small goals and ambitions. With a lot of lower body work :) Working with Shae has been amazing. She has an incredible personality and she's selfless. With her I was able to learn to let go of the need to be perfect or to reach a goal within a certain time and to just enjoy myself as I grow and change. She helped me from being so dang hard on myself and to trust in me, and be confident in me! She's an incredible coach and truly wants you to do better"