Training And Mother Nature

  As women It's no secret that every month we have to face the agony of lovely mother nature.

  We all go through it, yet it's one of those topics that just doesn't get talked about, but I am going to talk about it because there's no shame here and I want to help you ladies out!

  Not all women experience super harsh menstrual cycles, but I unfortunately am one of the many women who experience a lot of discomfort and pain during that time of the month. So much that it has even left me with no choice but to stay in bed for a whole day at times.

  When it's my time of the month all I want is chocolate, a heating pad, and sleep!! The thought of training the way I normally do is cringe worthy, so when that dreaded time of the month comes around, I use that week as my deload week.

  What this means is that for the three weeks of the month that I'm not on my period I am training super hard. 6 days a week, sometimes two a days, going up in weight, hitting PRs, etc.. Then whenever it is my time of the month, I use that week to recover from the previous weeks, perfect my form, and work on speed. During this week I will only train 4-5 days and I am taking it easy.

  I recommend deload weeks as it is, but I think there's no better time to do so other than when you need it most, which for me is my time of the month. There's nothing wrong with letting your body rest and recuperate.

I hope this helped any of my girls that struggle during this time too! Love ya'll.