Growing & Maintaining Long Healthy Hair

  One of the questions that I get asked very frequently is how do I grow and maintain long healthy hair.

  First I will give you guys a bit of an overview on my hair. I've always had naturally super thick and kind of wavy hair, but I didn't always have super long hair and I started growing it out about 3 years ago. I have however always had super blonde hair thanks to genetics on both sides of family, so never coloring or bleaching my hair is a big help when it comes to keeping it healthy, but there are a few other things that have been extremely helpful to me and my hair and I hope these tips can help you too! 

1. I Avoid Putting Heat On My Hair

  I know it's easier said than done because I personally have naturally super thick, wavy, and frizzy hair, but try to minimize how much heat you put on your hair. I personally just blow dry my hair straight, and touch up the roots of my hair with a straightener, but I try to really avoid direct heat on the ends of my hair, and most of the time I just rock my natural hair. I can go over some non heat hairstyles too in another blog. I just think that avoiding heat on my hair has helped it stay healthy and damage free longer.

2. I Use Apple Cider Vinegar As Conditioner

  I know it sounds so weird!! I was honestly so hesitant to try this, but once I did I never went back to regular conditioner. I use regular shampoo to wash my hair and then I put apple cider vinegar in a cup mixed with a few drops of any essential oil to make it smell better (I like lavender oil) and then I just dip my hair in the cup and I pour the excess ACV/essential oil mixture all over my head. Trust me when I say your hair will literally feel like silk! It's also a lot easier to brush my hair now. No more tangles! 

3. Coconut Oil Is The Bomb

  I seriously LOVEEEE coconut oil for my hair. Every now and then I like to cover all of my hair in coconut oil (I apply it when my hair is damp) and I have noticed big changes since doing this. 

4. I Don't Wash My Hair Everyday

  I personally wash my hair every 2-3 days and my hair is so much healthier because of it. I used to wash it every day and my hair would be so dry and break off a lot, but now It's a lot fuller and healthier since I started shampooing less. If you're like me and your hair gets oily fast, I recommend investing in a dry shampoo! There's great brands at the drugstore that have worked well for me, and there's also DIY recipes for dry shampoo that you can look up. 

5. I Trim My Hair Often

  Trust me ya'll... I know it sucks especially at the beginning stages of growing your hair out when you finally see it growing and then you have to trim it, but your hair will be much healthier in the long run if you do this. I've heard that you're supposed to trim your hair every 6 weeks or so, but I personally trim my hair every 2-3 months and that works just fine for me. 

6. Biotin

  Biotin is one of the wonderful B vitamins that is super helpful when it comes to your hair, skin, and nails and I personally take it in a pill form. There is also things like biotin shampoo and conditioner that you can use though.

7. Lastly, Be Patient

  When you're trying to grow your hair it can be very annoying waiting for it to grow and keeping the ends of your hair healthy while your hair is growing, but it's worth it to keep up with the maintenance so that eventually you will have long, healthy, happy thick locks of hair!

I hope this was helpful ya'll! These are just the things that have helped me personally grow and maintain long healthy hair :)

Xx Shae